It is beyond exciting that the influences of HBCU-inspired Majorette Dance styles are taking root in California. Recently brought to the limelight from the popularity of the Lifetime TV show ‘Bring It’, more and more young dancers are taking interest in this genre of dance. COA Elite is home to the premiere majorette program of the Greater Sacramento Area. Our teams perform and compete locally and nationally.

Beyond the high energy entertainment value of what we see on TV, it is important to understand the training that goes into executing these jaw-dropping routines. A majorette dancer must cross-train in hip-hop, jazz, ballet, Afro-Caribbean dance styles just to name a few; not to mention the level of technique, flexibility, strength, and conditioning training they must do as well.

Next Casting Call August 2021

Prepare now for the 2021-22 Season!

NEW! Majorette In10sive Training Program

Many dancers express the desire to join a majorette team only to be overwhelmed by the intense training and level of commitment it requires. This new training program is a MANDATORY prerequisite for any dancer that will be auditioning for the first time (or returning to COA after a break). No experience is necessary to participate in this training program. It is designed to help ALL dancers be successful during the competitive team audition process in August. Dancers will train in dance technique, multiple styles of dance, physical strength and agility, flexibility, and general conditioning.


(Mini Team)
Practice 2 days/week for 2 hours

This option is perfect for young entry-level dancers to get a jump start on their dance careers.

Diamonds and Onyx

(Junior Team 10-13 yrs) and (Senior Team 14-18 yrs)
Practice 2-3 days/week for 2-3 hours

These ages groups will train at a highly competitive level getting ready for the REAL WORLD OF DANCE! High School age athletes get prepared for a taste of HBCU style of dance.

Fitness. Friendship. Fun. Join the Elite! NEW MEMBER SPECIAL